Rememorizer CP/M MTX

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Rememorizer CP/M MTX

Mensajepor ron » 14 Nov 2012 09:45

REMEMOrizer is an add-on for a real Memotech MTX500, MTX512 or MTX512 S2 computer, built using hardware and software developed for REMEMOTECH. It provides :-

80 column card, with 80x24 and 80x48 modes, outputting to 640x480 @ 60Hz VGA
SD Card as a large and fast alternative to floppy disk
512KB of extra memory
320KB is directly usable, and is typically used as a RAM Disc
128KB is hidden, and is used as virtual cassette
32KB can be used to upgrade MTX500s to 64KB, with a PAL replacement
32KB can be used if your MTX has no memory at all (ie: a failed upgrade)
CP/M boot ROM and SDX BASIC ROM providing access to SD Card and RAM Disc
Replacements for the fixed OS and BASIC ROMs, providing Virtual cassette support
Its like an SDX, only smaller, faster, cheaper and better. This is the upgrade you wished youd had in 1984.

REMEMOrizer provides :-

replacement for the 8KB OS ROM
replacement for the 8KB BASIC ROM
8KB CP/M boot ROM
320KB of extra RAM
128KB virtual cassette tape space
32KB memory upgrade if attaching REMEMOrizer to an MTX500
32KB memory upgrade if attaching to MTX with no memory at all

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