New Lynx Disk Images

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Re: New Lynx Disk Images

Mensajepor oracle_jedi » 23 Nov 2020 22:25

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kokkiklhs escribió:Now I think it's time for me to start (at last) building a PSU for my Lynx 48, then check if it works OK (hope so, never fired it up since I acquired it from feebay, long ago), expand it to 96k and then try some of the nice software you've uploaded here! Dunno yet how to transfer data from diskimages to WAV -no floppy controller here-, but I'll sure find out, as soon as I'm ready with the rest of the stuff!!

I used a Meanwell RT-50A power supply that I mounted inside an old Amiga PSU housing. Fits perfectly, is multi-voltage, and even has a handy on/off switch.

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Re: New Lynx Disk Images

Mensajepor Mike » 23 Nov 2020 22:57

My solution was a 12V wall adaptor (DC), plus a small box for the +/-5V. The box contains a small DC to DC buck converter (LM2596?) board, and an ICL7660s for the -5V. The Lynx doesn't seem to draw much power, even under load. Maybe 1.5A? Anyway, I keep an eye on the voltages just to make sure they don't drift about.

I am tempted to put the box inside the case, because it is so small and doesn't get very warm. (eg. with a 12V barrel jack on the Lynx)

Caveat emptor, etc.

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